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How could drone technology help your business?


Recent and significant innovations in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), often referred to as drones, have potential revolutionary impact in all industries. Many organizations understand how drone technology equipped with high-definition cameras and video help with photography, but there is a wide array of other benefits that can be used in any sector. The potential for custom uses of this technology is vast.

Features You Won't Want to Miss:

Extended surveillance coverage and rapid deployment

Experience unprecedented surveillance capabilities as drones swiftly cover expansive areas, delivering real-time information to security personnel on the ground. Our drones can quickly monitor large facilities and pipelines, helping to identify potential security risks or maintenance issues. These can be automated to enable guard and police forces to make use of drone surveillance without the need of a dedicated pilot along pre-programmed flight plans at the touch of a button. This can be especially valuable for night-flights or areas of low visibility where thermal technology can identify potential threats such as human or other heat signatures not visible by the human eye or standard cameras.

extended coverage and rapid deployment2
advanced imaging technology

Construction project management, reporting, and civil engineering inspection

Photogrammetry, or the use of photography scaled to size stitched together and positioned by GPS, allows for validation of construction projects built according to a blueprint overlay to scale ensuring quality delivery with updating tracking against a project timeline. Real-time and accurate project tracking quickly yields tremendous benefit to construction management. Drones can also validate towers, bridges, and other hard to reach areas that previously required scaffolding and hundreds of man-hours, quickly, safely, and more accurately than previous methods.

Advanced imaging technology

Utilize our UAVs' high-resolution cameras and thermal imaging features for in-depth visual analysis of your facilities, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed. These imaging capabilities are particularly useful for detecting leaks, hotspots, or intruders in these sensitive environments.

Customizable flight plans and autonomous operation
Data security and privacy

3-dimensional modeling

Photogrammetry enables scaled 3D models, facilitating interactive replicas for inspection. This technology splices pictures and video to enable further examination using artificial intelligence or manual interaction with engineers or other staff. This also enables other technologies such as 3D printing or 3D computer-aided drafting, using the models as the base layer to build on.

Geographical Information Systems

Custom maps updated as often as needed with higher resolution than google maps have immense value on their own, but organizations often use these as the base layer for other projects such as configuration management databases (CMDB) for asset tracking or future planning. When converged with cybersecurity, information technology, and IOT, system mapping exercises can ensure that assets are geo-referenced and geo-fenced. Accurate planning, artifact tracking, and situational awareness with accurate geographic information bring immense value to modern organizations looking for efficiency optimization.

geographical information systems

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Embrace the next generation of security technology and stay ahead of potential threats with Allied IT Systems' drone surveillance solutions. Enhance your organization's situational awareness and responsiveness to ensure the most premier and advanced protection for your assets and personnel.

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